Merlot Farm

Merlot Farm Lessons:

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Beginner Lessons – Until a certain level of proficiency is obtained

 Adult or Child :                 $65.00            

Until proficient at prep skills, then

Beginner Novice:               $60.00                            $55.00

Adv. Beginner:                   $50.00                            $45.00


Becky Gordon                    $55.00                             $50.00

Hana Pacutova                  $50.00                             $45.00
Jim Hatch                           Western Dressage - Please Inquire

Mary Beth Williams          $65.00

Other types of lessons we offer:

        Ground Work

        Round Penning
        Lunging to exercise
        Lunging to Build Balance and Strength

        Handle Bar Lesson

        Long Rein


Haul-In fee is $15.00/time/horse

We have a system of evaluation for each student, helping you to set your own goals and time frames, which we will strive to help you achieve.